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When it comes to understanding neck injuries, it helps to know some facts about the anatomy of the spine. The neck consists of seven vertebrae or bones of the spine. Each bone is identified by the letter C and then the number of the bone, counting from top to bottom.

Why Seeking a Lawyer For Compensation Is Important

Below the seven cervical vertebrae are 12 vertebrae determined by the letter T and the number of the bone. In the low back area are the five lumbar vertebrae, then the sacrum and then the coccyx. In total, the spine has 33 stacked vertebrae with a complex package of nerves that sit inside of the spinal cord.

The vertebrae are the most vulnerable part of the spinal column. As a result, when one is a victim of a slip and fall accident, motorcycle accident, car accident or anything related, your neck is often pushed to the limits. Therefore, your range of motion may be limited from all sides of your neck. When your range of motion is restricted, you might experience some limitations from living your everyday life.

Why Should You Seek Compensation or Legal Counsel?

Now that we have established the basics of a neck injury, you might be asking yourself why you should seek help from Joseph C. Crudo PLC. In severe cases, neck injuries can cause prolonged and immediate medical issues for victims. At times, neck injuries resulting from a slip and fall are not visible to the naked eye. This makes neck injuries hard to treat due to skeptical insurance adjusters.

Don’t Let Your Neck Injury Get In The Way Of Living The Life You Love

The amount and duration of pain can directly impact your claim value. You hurting your neck significantly affects how and if you can move your body. Everyday tasks like showering or getting dressed can become tedious and painful, often requiring assistance from friends or family. Regular pleasures like sports can stop temporarily or, even worse, forever. If you find that daily life activities such as these are becoming harder and harder to perform, you should consider pursuing your legal options and file a neck injury compensation claim. Contact Joseph C. Crudo PLC today to schedule a consultation and get your life back!

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