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Have you recently experienced harm as a result of a defective product? At Joseph C. Crudo PLC, we want to help you obtain adequate compensation. Companies that design, manufacture and sell products have a responsibility to their consumers. Throughout the manufacturing process, a company should take responsibility for the product’s safety to avoid any potential accident. If manufacturers and sellers do not follow their states’ laws, product liability cases hold them accountable.

What Is Product Liability?

Product liability serves consumers who bring claims against manufacturers and sellers for products that, when used, resulted in harm, injury or death. On the other hand, law firms can also defend manufacturers or sellers who have been sued for endangering their consumers. In the first case, a product liability attorney aims to compel the responsible company to provide sufficient compensation to the injured consumer.

Types of Product Liability Cases

California product liability laws state that the person who designs, manufactures or sells defective products is strictly liable for accidents and injuries sustained by consumers using said product. Strict liability includes three types of product defects:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing / Warnings

Design Defects

When a product suffers from a design defect, the issue with the product happens before it even moves to the production phase. In these cases, the product will never function correctly because of its faulty design. Manufacturers owe it to their customers to run trials on their product designs to ensure no problems exist before production begins.

Manufacturing Defects

These defects occur during the process of manufacturing a product. Sometimes the manufacturer fails to follow the design, uses inadequate or low-quality materials or makes errors. When companies leave these concerns unaddressed, it can lead to harm, injury or potential death for consumers.

Marketing or Warnings

In product liability cases, the consumer must prove they used the product as intended by the company. Some products come with inherent safety risks, but even then, a company assumes responsibility for instructing consumers on the product’s safe use. When the marketing or labels on a product lack appropriate instructions or warnings, the company can be liable for potential harm.

Why You Should Engage a Product Liability Attorney

Personal injury lawyers who handle product liability cases work to keep you safe. Attorneys like Joseph Crudo have a thorough understanding of the details and intricacies of product liability law. Consumers who have suffered from faulty products need an expert on their side to defend them in court. The law often changes, but lawyers who are well-versed in product liability stay up to date on those changes and help you navigate complicated procedures.

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