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Losing a loved one unexpectedly is never easy. But if you suspect that someone was responsible for the fatal accident or incident that took their life, you may be able to recover compensation. Even indirect negligence that contributed to their death can result in a settlement or monetary award from the court.

It’s difficult enough to deal with grief and funeral arrangements after a death. Let Joseph C. Crudo PLC put his experience to work for you. Our team will focus on everything needed for a wrongful death claim to leave you free to deal with your emotions and the hard work of putting your life together after a loss. Don’t let financial burdens make the process any harder if you qualify for compensation for wrongful death.

How is a Wrongful Death Claim Established?

Someone who dies from a complete accident is only generally entitled to life insurance coverage if they had a policy. But if someone was responsible in some way, even if only indirectly, damages can be recovered through a personal injury lawsuit. In this case, it’s specifically a wrongful death lawsuit because you are asserting that your loved one would not have died if not for someone else’s actions or lack of them. California law allows for these claims in order to help survivors deal with loss and to discourage negligence among professionals who could harm others in the future. In this state, only the spouse, children, domestic partner, or parents of the victim can make a claim.

Common Types of Wrongful Death Claims

Direct assaults and other crimes that lead to death are generally handled by the criminal system instead. Wrongful death lawsuits generally involve a more removed level of blame. For example, medical malpractice suits are common because the doctor intended to treat the patient but caused harm instead. For other cases, the claim may involve government negligence, such as the failure to maintain a road in a way that leads to a fatal accident. Even a poorly designed product or badly maintained structure can lead to a wrongful death claim.

How Damages Are Determined for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful death is slightly more complex than other types of personal injury lawsuits. In most injury cases, the damages are determined by what the living victim lost, such as potential future wages. Since the loss of a spouse or parent can have much farther-reaching effects, California allows you to sue for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are direct, such as medical bills and funeral costs. Non-economic damages are still important, such as the loss of a parent’s support or a spouse’s companionship. Don’t overlook the breadth of damages you may be able to claim in this kind of suit.

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